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Volvo 240 Bumper Trim Front vs. Rear

Last Updated: 09/18/2020
Parts Group: Bumper trim
This article discusses the Volvo 240 bumper trim for the late Volvo 240 Series vehicles, with the main focus being on how to tell whether a part is for the front or the rear. If you're not here for the technical analysis but would rather buy a used unit from us, guaranteed to work and fit, then please select the link below.

The information herein is based on my 1990 car and used parts that I’ve bought from various used-parts sources. Above the bumper is a trim strip consisting of rubber (or rubber-like plastic, I'm not sure which) and an embedded bright metal strip, the later presumably having aesthetic and structural benefits.

Problem is, with the part off the car it was difficult for me to figure out whether I'm looking at, for example, a front driver side part, or a rear passenger side part.

So, I took a handful of parts outside to my own 1990 Volvo 240, and I test-fitted them. Conclusion: the front parts are slightly shorter as to the longest dimension.
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