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Side indicator light differences on older vs. newer 240 Series Volvos

Last Updated: 05/19/2016
Parts Group: Side indicator light
This article discusses the front side indicator light (a.k.a. turn indicator for the Volvo 240, with the main focus being on how the parts types for the quad-headlamp era differ from those of the singe-large-headlamp era.

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For the quad-headlamp era, the side indicator lens is taller, attaches to the housing with three screws that form a straight line, and has a white internal reflector.

For the single-large-headlamp era, the side indicator lens is shorter, with the extra space being taken up by an extra trim piece of chromed-plated plastic that aesthetically harmonizes with the chrome-plated plastic trim atop the headlamps. The lens attaches to the housing with three screws that are positioned as a triangle. The newer parts type has an orange internal reflector.
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