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Why the Limited Focus on Some Parts Only

Last Updated: 04/10/2016
I founded this company in 2003. I've worked in the automotive parts field from age 19 to 25, and then again part-time in this, my own part-time business.

Too often, I observed people selling parts as a sort of mad stampede of trying to stay afloat in a fast-moving, overwhelming complexity of part numbers, subtle variations, mid-year changes, VIN number subtleties, quality-related subtleties, competing brands, undocumented variations, wrong technical information, contradictory tech data, entitled customers, and what's actually on the shelf vs. what the computer alleges. Then and now, I like the business but I dislike chaos. I prefer to be calm, methodical, effective and knowledgeable -- even that means I have to limit my focus as to subject matter.

Before and after 2003, most of my professional work experience has been as a senior software engineer specializing in complex, custom database software. I'm accustomed to working with vast amounts of detail. Even so, it was a humbling experience for me to take apart a Volvo 240 wagon tailgate and to marvel at its sophistication, the thoughtfully-engineered design, and the lovely synthesis of the parts. More to the point, I was surprised at the vast amount of smaller parts needed for the tailgate to be complete and work right. Also impressive was to work on the same part for a different model year and, to see how the design has been refined over time.

Even if I live a very long time, could I develop my insights and my website to do justice to the vast complexity that is your Volvo 240? No. Also, good-enough techs viable to find, so the division-of-labor premise helps, but not much.

I focus on the aspects that happened to go south in my own Volvo 240s, and then I immerse myself into the details of whatever it took to attend to the problem. My focus is on depth, not broad coverage. That's why the items on which I focus seem so eclectic a selection and why I focus on them in such detail. I might just cover a dozen aspects of this type of vehicle, but I intend to really understand those few aspects well, and provide good value to you in that limited context.
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