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N/A240 Bio-degradable wiring, not greatThis article discusses the problem whereby Volvo made a formal policy decision to use biodegradable plastic in...05/23/2016
N/ATorx vs. Not on 240 Series VolvosI have analyzed enough 240 Series Volvos to conclude that there is a trend, in later years, to use Torx fasten...03/29/2016
N/AWhy the Limited Focus on Some Parts OnlyI founded this company in 2003. I`ve worked in the automotive parts field from age 19 to 25, and then again pa...04/10/2016
Bumper trimVolvo 240 Bumper Trim Front vs. RearThis article discusses the Volvo 240 bumper trim for the late Volvo 240 Series vehicles, with the main focus b...09/18/2020
HatchTailgate Replacement on my 1991 Volvo 245I’d bought my 1991 Volvo 245 (240 wagon) after someone had rear-ended it, and the car was a good deal at the p...09/16/2017
HatchVolvo 145 and 245 Tailgates over the YearsI own a Volvo 1973 145, and a 1991 245. I have also owned Volvo wagons made in 1971, 1972, 1976 and 1983. I...03/29/2016
Hatch strutTailgate Strut Analysis of New vs. Used for a Volvo 245, a.k.a. 240 wagonI drive a 1991 Volvo 245 (240 wagon). The tailgate struts on my own car needed replacement, and this seemed to...03/29/2016
Hatch strutTailgate Strut Lifting Force Tested on a Volvo 245 a.k.a. Volvo 240 wagonFor the 245 tailgate struts, the official Volvo spec, as far as we know, calls for a lifting force of 400 Newt...03/29/2016
Hatch strutTailgate Struts on my 1991 Volvo 245From the first day that I owned my 1991 Volvo 245 (240 wagon), the struts have been sagging, unable to keep th...03/29/2016
Hatch strut clipTailgate Strut Clips for a Volvo 245 (240 Wagon)I almost feel silly offering for sale something as tiny as a tailgate strut clip, but one of the tailgates I r...03/29/2016
HeadlampClear, Clean-Looking Plastic HeadlampsUntil yesterday, the headlamps (headlights) on our 1991 Volvo 240 project car looked faded, yellow, dim and di...03/29/2016
Heater valveVolvo 240 Heater Valve ReplacementThis article discusses the heater valve for the Volvo 240 series with the main focus being on removing the old...12/05/2016
Heater valveVolvo 240 Heater Valve Technical AnalysisThis article discusses the Volvo 240 heater valve (a.k.a. heater control valve), for the Volvo 240 Series (Vol...11/24/2018
Idle stabilizer valveIdle stabilizer valve functionalityI have owned several cars with Weber carburetors, and even though that`s my favorite brand of carburetor, the...03/29/2016
Idle stabilizer valveIdle stabilizer valve locationOn our 1991 Volvo 240 with the B230 engine, the idle stablizer valve, a.k.a. idle control valve, is a dull sil...03/29/2016
Idle stabilizer valveIdle stabilizer valve removal and replacementOn our 1991 Volvo 240, with the B230 engine, we recently removed and replaced the idle control valve. A cla...03/29/2016
PCV valveEasy flame trap accessWhen an automotive task is horribly difficult, I know that some people take pride in toughing it out and strug...03/29/2016
Side indicator lightSide indicator light differences on older vs. newer 240 Series VolvosThis article discusses the front side indicator light (a.k.a. turn indicator for the Volvo 240, with the main...05/19/2016
StarterCan a six-point socket apply more torque?We needed to apply lots of torque while removing the top starter bolt from our 1991 Volvo 240 with the B230 en...03/29/2016
StarterStarter Bolt Fastening Torque on Volvo 240 enginesMy assistant recently replaced the starter on our 1991 Volvo 240 project car with the B230 engine: Tech_Arti...03/29/2016
StarterStarter RemovalMy assistant recently swapped out the starter on our 1991 Volvo 240, with the B230 engine. The starter attache...03/29/2016
StarterStarter Removal: Tragicomical Stories of DesperationThe top starter bolt on a Volvo 240 with the B230 engine can be very, very difficult to remove, especially if...03/29/2016
StarterStarter WiringThe battery terminal and starter wiring on our 1991 Volvo 240, with the B230 engine, is delightfully simple. B...03/29/2016
TransmissionAutomatic Transmission, Made in JapanThere`s a scene in the movie "Back to the Future" in which Marty explains to his scientist friend that "all th...12/18/2015
TransmissionThe Wiring atop the Automatic TransmissionMy assistant recently swapped out the starter on our 1991 Volvo 240 project car. Success! I was impressed; it`...03/29/2016
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