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Idle stabilizer valve location

Last Updated: 03/29/2016
Parts Group: Idle stabilizer valve
On our 1991 Volvo 240 with the B230 engine, the idle stablizer valve, a.k.a. idle control valve, is a dull silver, about the shape and size of a can of soda. It's mounted sideways below the fuel injection manifold, and slightly above and forward of the starter.

Removing and replacing this part was relatively easy to do from below, and with the starter removed from the car -- wide open spaces to work in, then.

The part has two fairly large vacuum hoses running to it, one for the inflow and one for the outflow. It also has two electrical wires attached to it. And yes, we do sell used units: Also, here are articles that may be useful: Idle stabilizer valve functionality and Idle stabilizer valve removal and replacement
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