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Idle stabilizer valve removal and replacement

Last Updated: 03/29/2016
Parts Group: Idle stabilizer valve
On our 1991 Volvo 240, with the B230 engine, we recently removed and replaced the idle control valve.

A clamp holds the valve in place, and the clamp is held in place with two 10mm fasteners. The electrical connection is a simple plug that feeds two electrical wires to the valve, and it's easy to removem though not quite as easy as simpy yanking it loose. A standard hose clamp on each side of the valve attaches the airflow hoses.

For us, it was relatively easy to access the part from below, though that's not the only possibility. We happened to have the starter removed too, and this gave us a nice amount of room to work in.

They don't last forever, so if you need a replacement, please consider: In case you're wondering where it's located: Idle stabilizer valve location. Ready to work? Please consider this: Idle stabilizer valve removal and replacement

Removing the starter might be a good move: Starter Removal ... or not: Starter Removal: Tragicomical Stories of Desperation
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